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Jimmy Wilhelm Memorial Camp Fund

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The Jimmy Wilhelm Memorial Camp Fund is named in memory of the son of Ron and Stella Wilhelm.  Years ago, as Jimmy was preparing for camp, he suddenly became seriously ill.  He was diagnosed with meningitis, and shortly thereafter passed away.
In memory of Jimmy, a camp fund was established years ago.  Annually, we receive an offering for our children and youth to go to camp.  As I write this blog right now, our youth are currently in a camp in Missouri.  Next week, our children will go to the Ponderosa Retreat and Conference Center for their camp.  The contributions given by members and attenders of Circle Drive make it possible for these children and young people to attend.
I have been absolutely amazed but not in the least surprised by the generosity of our church family.  This year's Jimmy Wilhelm Memorial Camp Fund offering totals $13,034.00.  I praise GOD for the financial investment people have made in the spiritual lives of our children and youth.  I can't wait to hear and also see the return on this investment!  To GOD be the glory!


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