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Hiking Mount Huron this Saturday

Tuesday, June 05, 2012 View Comments Comments (0)
The 14er club of Circle Drive will hike their first 14,000 mountain of the season, Mount Huron, this Saturday.  Plans also include hiking 4 additional mountains this summer.
We will meet at the church at 4:00 a.m.  This hike is for those who are in excellent physical condition.  For hiking, be sure to have a light jacket, excellent hiking shoes (REI has very good hiking shoes - but they are expensive).  Bring a backpack, which should contain an extra pair of socks, sunscreen, at least 3 bottles of water, trail mix, energy bars, a slice of bread with peanut butter, etc.  Try to keep the backpack as light as possible!
Huron Peak, a 14,003 ft. mountain, lies in Chaffee County, and is located between Buena Vista and Leadville.  It is situated in the Sawatch Range, in the Collegiate Peaks Wilderness. 
On Chaffee County Road (Hwy. 390), leading to Huron Peak, we will pass two "ghost towns," Vicksburg and Winfield, both old mining settlements.  When we arrive at the parking area, we will hike the first 2 miles on a rough, 4 wheel drive road.  Then we will arrive at the trailhead, and begin our ascent.
We look forward to another wonderful season of hiking, as well as experiencing the amazing beauty of GOD's creation!


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